Summertime and the living is busy!

The month of July was very exciting for both teens and staff. The start of summer orientation was July 5th-7th. During Orientation the teens got to learn a lot about the work and campaigns IHAF organizes around and also play a lot of icebreakers to become familiar with one another! During the second week, we attended the annual #StuckOnReplay event where we facilitated a Great Incarceration Race Activity, which taught people in the community their likelihood of being affected by the criminal justice system .

Week three was also exciting because #IHAF staff taught the teens about Spiritual Transformation Mondays. The teens were able to practice communication and trust amongst one another through a really cool team-builder called Blindfold Maze. Spiritual Transformation Mondays also taught the teens about mindfulness and meditation. Week three also was the start of our voter registration campaign which taught the teens about door knocking and canvassing in the community and also gave the teens a chance to try it out for themselves.

Lastly we closed out the month by hosting a community night with ACE Boston. In our community night we focused on the importance of taking action against oppressive systems/ structures. This was one of #IHAF’s most memorable nights because many new teens were able to facilitate and host their very first event !

Dalida, Jey and India at the Dorchester Bay Annual Block Party!

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