• We travel around the state and train young people on the issues of youth employment, the state budget and the juvenile justice system as a way to get involved in our movement. If you are interested in hosting us to do a training at your school, organization or community space please email Dalida at drocha@mcan-pico.org 
  • Our flagship training program is called the Youth Leadership Institute, it is based out of our offices in Dorchester. The month long stipend program gives young people skills and tools of community organizing and serves as a pathway to further leadership within I Have A Future. If you are interested in participating in the program or you know a young person who might be email Adiel atapollydore@dbedc.org

Creative Actions

  • We believe that to win full youth employment and end youth criminalization we need to get active popular support. This means we need to win them to our side and we believe that only happens if we effectively polarize them, so they pick a side. Direct creative action is our primary polarizing tactic. If you want to take action with us please check our events page for the latest and make sure you follow us on Facebook so you can watch actions live! If you have questions about actions email Dan at dgelbtuch@dbedc.org

Meet with an organizer!

  • If you are hoping to get involved, or connect your school organization or community to our work in a sustained way, we would love to find time to sit down with you and chat about some of our partnership models!